Wash mail before spam gets pushed to phone

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Wash mail before spam gets pushed to phone

Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:36 am

So when a spam hits the server (in my case, MS Exchange), it gets pushed to phone right away.
By the time I look, MailWasher indeed removes the spam from the inbox (set to check every minute) but it's already too late... The spam made it to my phone and made it beeped which is *really* annoying...

I tried looking at MailWasher Pro Enterprise server but it does not do all the filtering features and conditions that MailWasher Pro does...
It just acts as a proxy for the mail server for general filtering but all of the individual filters and rules are still applied *after* email is received by the server (which, in turns, pushes right away to phones).

So what is the solution?
Is there a way to make the client and the server version of MailWasher Pro talk to each other?
Are we doomed to be pushed spam to our iPhones/Blackberries/Androids only to see them disappear just as we look at the phone?

Please Firetrust, tell me you have an answer for me and my users (my company credit card is ready for it...)

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