Bemused by unable to report problems & other things

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Bemused by unable to report problems & other things

Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:00 am

I am bemused by the occasional "lock-up of 2010 - I can't point my finger at the CAUSE of the problem - Maybe it is something I am doing :-

Chris - 2010 stopped autochecking 35 mins ago & "Wash Mail" Button is almost invisible. (Can't even get a report away)

I got the following Unidentifiable [from where] message which may/may not be relevant :crazy :







IMPLEMENTATION Openwave Email vM. 201-2174-106-103-20060222

AND - when I tried to send the report about [only] the stopping the mail-check of 2010

- after a very loooong time I got this cryptic message. :help

<EXCEPTION>A connection attempt failed because the connected party did

not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection

failed because connected host has failed to respond</EXCEPTION>

Not only do I hope that we get back an updated 2010 "Drainhole"
'- but also make 2010 work the same as PopPeeper - i.e. PopPeeper ONLY tells user
when there is a GENUINELY new & un-glanced-at "New Arrival" - and it
doesn't require the user to even OPEN the new e'mail - just that it HAS
opened the panel SHOWING the list of e'mails WAITING.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to obtain a "fix" - at the moment & for a loooong time, the ONLY way to get 2010 working again - is to restart 2010 - which is rather annoying - what with the black screen it creates for several seconds as it becomes "active" again

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