Eudora 3.02 & 2011 displays

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Eudora 3.02 & 2011 displays

Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:45 pm

Chris - I sent you headers from Eudora 3.02 messages received - some time back.

I noted - then - that it SEEMS that IF the Eudora e'mail has NO requirement for the recipient to acknowledge receipt, then the text is clearly displayed in 2011 "Preview" panel...... but if there IS a requirement to acknowledge receipt of the message [presumably in the preamble/header] - then the ONLY way to see the e'mail text is to view it in the SOURCE panel option.

That seems wrong, and I hope that 1054, or soon after, will address this failing since I seldom want to see all this dross headers on my e'mails.

Yes, I know that Eudora 3.02 is an ancient program, I've tried later versions but didn't like them! :no And since these e'mails are not being generated by myself, I have no good reason to force my brother to change HIS e'mail program to work with your 1053 program [and earlier 2010/11 versions too - as I recall] :help

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