Things yet to fix...When ChCh is back on its feet again.

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Things yet to fix...When ChCh is back on its feet again.

Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:32 pm

From a month ago : But *I* do realise that FT is working under extreme difficulties, though I hope that these items will be followed up - as & when possible. :)

Now there's only the problem of the Eudora 3.02 - with auto-acknowledgement enabled - which will only allow the messages to be viewed from the "Source" tab & I found another e'mail with similar problems - which I submitted a while back :help .

I hope that will be fixed soon :?:

Then there's the "nice feature" in PopPeeper which checks to see if you've opened up the mailchecking program recently - and doesn't keep reminding you that the "old messages" ARE new ones..... Unlike 2011 which will always keep "Jogging one's memory" to read & delete &/or open in (in my case - Eudora) when I'd be perfectly happy to deal with those Mailwasher 2011 arrivals sometime later.... NOT to be reminded each and every time I restart 2011.

Then there's the puzzle that 2011 may STOP - but still appears to check for NEW mail - but has in fact "frozen" its checking - in one case 13 hours of non-checking - I can't keep checking whether is is still doing its job - and even when I discover it's seized at hour back, I can't for the life of me remember WHAT I was doing THEN! Added to which, I seem unable to get the "log-files" of this breakdown in service.

{Edited} Hmmmm! It stalled again - just NINE minutes ago - just what the heck was I doing even then?

And like several others, I wish to rid myself of the "blob" icon :thumbsdown and revert to the far more attractive :thumbsup icon of version 6 - maybe in - selectable - different colors :facepalm

As I have mentioned before, that icon is singularly unattractive - for one thing, it reminds me too much of the hard, washing clothes soap of my "yoof" [60 years ago] and secondly because more often than not, that awful icon sits right alongside the PEERBLOCK icon at the bottom of my screen, they are both "blobby" and almost the SAME color.

:idea: I'm sure that any number of us would be much happier if the likeable "old style" icon was returned to us. :think

Well Chris et al : Do note that I do understand that FT is working under extreme difficulties & I don't expect "fixes" any time soon, but just to remind you that I hope for them sooner or later - when you CAN get back to a more normal life in that once beautiful city of yours.

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