Need help on procedures to use mobile app

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Need help on procedures to use mobile app

Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:48 am


When I use mailwasher- desktop and outlook I run mailwasher first then wash. Then I do a send/receive in outlook, only the approved messages are brought back.

I am now primarily using my ipad to send and receive email. So, what is the method and setting do I need to use?
Do I set up the ipad mail to retrive email manually? Similar to the S/R in outlook? I not quite sure how to do this.

How are you all doing this process so that the spam is deleted before being loaded onto the ipad?

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Re: Need help on procedures to use mobile app

Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:57 am


Normally you could set your mail program to send/receive manually if you were using POP3, but lots of mobile email programs now use IMAP which means the email is going to come in instantly anyway - if it's open and operating. You could then use Mailwasher to clean up the IMAP mailbox and spam will then disappear from the email program.

One other thing with Mailwasher Mobile, is it only checks every 15 minutes in the background, except when you login and pull down to check mail, then it checks every 3 minutes. We'll have some changes coming up in version 2 which will sync new email and filters as soon as you get them in the desktop version.

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