Wildcards and no Mail Acc

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Wildcards and no Mail Acc

Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:29 pm


The first i cant get the Mail acc from the Destktop version to sync with the android app only the lists ... (all checked and klicked sync).

Now to the Wildcards:

The app dont support Wildcards and i think so the app is not realy usefull.

Why because the most spamers setup or hijack whole servers (domains) and use multible acc on it or send mails with there adresses ...


So when i get spam from a domain i know that i will never recive any normal Mails from it the best way is to block the whole domain (*.@spamme.jp) so i cover all other acc on the Server (Domain) to and i dont have to think about to block every single acc.

I think its the normal way do deal with it ?

So many or most entrys on my spamlist are wildcard domains that cant be used on the Mobile app ...

And so the Mobile app ist not realy usefull for me at the moment without wildcards.

I hope that Wildcards will suported in the next or future versions ...

Thank you.
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Re: Wildcards and no Mail Acc

Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:03 am

At the moment it only supports POP accounts, not IMAP so that may be the reason it won't sync.

Also, we realise it doesn't support wildcard entries. It's a first version and we're working on version 2 at the moment, but initially that won't support wildcards either but we do plan to add it in.

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