Subject line and Email message mismatched - Glitch

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Subject line and Email message mismatched - Glitch

Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:16 pm

Hi Hoping that someone can help, we have been using Mailwasher on our desktops for a few years and had phones and tablets synced without issue, however last month my phone had to be replaced and tablet was reformatted.

I had issues finding out how to get the mobile software on my phone and laptop as I we pay for the professional version of the software i didn't want to download the free app version. Eventually I couldn't find any way to get the software back on my tablet and phone other than the free app. I then had to change my account details to sync the accounts as it would seem that the user name had been changed and it now needed to be an email address.

After all the messing around I was pleased that the software was installed on my tablet and phone again,however now when I look at my emails on my tablet the sender of the email is not paired with the correct email. So I might have an email that looks as though it has come from my family, however if I look at the preview sentence of that email the text does not correspond to the sender, it could be someone like an electricity company!!!

Can anyone help as this seems to be quite a serious glitch as it makes the whole thing totally unreliable and if you don't look closely you could delete important emails

Thanks in advance for any help provided
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Re: Subject line and Email message mismatched - Glitch

Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:58 am

Thanks, and very odd. I see you also wrote in via support so we've replied there and will update here with the results.

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