MW 2.0 mobile app notification problem on iPhone6s+

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MW 2.0 mobile app notification problem on iPhone6s+

Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:55 pm

I am a new user to the Mailwasher mobile app. I just downloaded version 2.0 onto my iPhone 6s plus.

All is setup correctly and I see all the mail for the accounts I setup. I can also manually resync and see new mail that has come in.

However, it doesn't appear to be automatically checking for new mail, or is unable to notify me when new mail has arrived.

In order to get notified when new mail has arrived, do I have to open the MW mobile app on my iPhone, and leave the app running when I lock my phone? Or can I close the MW mobile app, lock my phone, and just have WM Mobile checking in the background for mail, and then notify me when mail arrives? (I am assuming that I don’t have to keep my phone ‘awake’ or ‘unlocked’ the whole time to get notified?)

I have tried it both ways (WM Mobile app running or closed), and I don’t seem to send any notifications at all.

For example - When I left the MW mobile app open, and locked the phone, I sent a test eMail to myself (from my PC), but the MW on my iPhone didn’t notify me at all - even though I waited for over 30 minutes. (BTW: The new eMail did show up when I swiped to unlock my phone, and then pulled to resync the MW app – so I know WM Mobile can receive mail.)

In case it matters, I use Mailwasher Pro 7.8 on my PC (which I used to indicate which accounts to sync with my mobile app), and it is set to check for new eMail every 10 minutes.

Is there some setting I have to adjust to get my MW mobile app to check for new eMail and then notify when they come in?

FYI: In my iPhone Settings for MailWasher, I have the following Notification turned ON: “Allow Notification”, “Show in Notification Centre”, “Sounds”, “Badge App Icon”, “Show on Lock Screen”

I tried looking at the Mailwasher mobile app's gear icon, to see if there are settings I need to adjust for how often mailwasher checks for mail, but I couldn't find anything like that. :scratch

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: MW 2.0 mobile app notification problem on iPhone6s+

Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:24 am

Known problem with iOS devices.
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