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Multiple mail addresses and Android

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:09 pm
by auldlangsyne
Bear with me on this one. I have a slightly complicated set up but we have three e-mail addresses which feed into Mailwasher (to filter out the rubbish) and then on to Thunderbird. The bulk of the mail is read on my desktop and from time to time on a laptop. It's slightly clumsy in that mail is held on two separate Thunderbird client copies but we manage. My question is that though I don't read mail much on my Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge it is handy to be able to quickly check webmail when out and about and then download the e-mail to Thunderbird when I get home. The trouble is that the spam piles in when I do that. I would like to set up Mailwasher on my Android purely to download the mail and delete the spam to allow me to check if there is any urgent mail I need to answer while out and about. If I install Mailwasher as a standalone on my Anrdoid will it pull in from the 3 e-mail addresses, allow me to reject spam and leave the mail for me to handle either when I get home, or to separately go into webmail and answer?

I don't really want to put a different mail client on my Android, all I want to so it dump the spam when I check in when not at home and if an e-mail is urgent I can answer without the clutter. We get a lot of spam but sadly as I run a business, some of it is relevant so that's why I like Mailwasher - I can control easily what I want to dump and what I want to keep.


Re: Multiple mail addresses and Android

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:18 am
by Sidewinder
Not a problem I do essentially the same thing as you are asking on my iOS devices. I can review and delete what I don't want and leave the rest on the server til later. My accounts are all POP.

Re: Multiple mail addresses and Android

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:35 pm
by auldlangsyne
Thanks. I tried Mailwasher on an old Galaxy 4 and it didn't work so wanted to be a little more sure before trying the Android version on my new phone. I appreciate your reply and I'll try it now with a little more confidence.