Ver. 2.1.0 MWM Andr 9, Samsung S8- slow Sync/Check mail

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Ver. 2.1.0 MWM Andr 9, Samsung S8- slow Sync/Check mail

Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:42 am

I do want to make some suggestions which may have been covered by other users.

Will there be a way of importing the MW Pro filters into MWM.
Will you allow wild card in the blacklist / friends list, there is an edit feature but does not work?
Will the wash option start the selected email app?
I do not understand how the synch command works. After a wash command the trash and blacklisted emails are eliminated. The display may show a bunch of acceptable emails and that will be the end of activity. Four to eight minutes may go by without a display update. Swiping down multiple times does not change the status. In the meantime my Samsung email app will show new emails loaded 3 minutes previously. The Samsung app is set up to do a fetch every time it is opened and also look for mail every 15 minutes. Meanwhile after the Samsung app is opened I go back to MWM perform two downward swipes and the corresponding email(s) will appear.

I am looking in my Samsung app for emails to be automatically flagged and deleted in MWM. I impatiently await your next release, Are there any beta releases?
My server configuration is,993, IMAP, SSL ,Notifications.
MWM Ver. 2.1.0
Android 9, Samsung S8-
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Re: Ver. 2.1.0 MWM Andr 9, Samsung S8- slow Sync/Check mail

Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:52 am

Hi, the MWM app is pretty basic and only checks in the background every 3 minutes when you're using it as it's hosted. Unlike your email client on your phone which checks instantly because its using IMAP.
You can't have any of the MW Pro filters in there, now wildcards. The Wash Mail button won't start the app either.
Sorry, it's pretty basic and we've been working on a replacement - which actually has to be a full email client.

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