HideAway 2.0 problem

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HideAway 2.0 problem

Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:41 am

So Guys you asked for feedback and I have some!

Everythings over the last few days has worked well - but this afternoon I discovered that something prevents me accessing my web mail account in London when HA2.03 is running. Everything else is fine BBC and ITV iPlayers are working well, and other accounts that I access in UK are OK.
So, it is just web-mail that seems to get fouled up. I believe that it might be something within the web-mail server that is the issue, since I get to the log-in page, and to the front-end mail page, and that is when things stall.

The offending web-mail server is AOL(!) - and that as I said could be the issue. My ISP is TalkTalk, and they hand over mail management to AOL. So, my logon has to go through TT before it gets to the server - although I cannot see why that should matter.

I did not see this problem when HA1.4X was running back in December.

Another pointer that you may find useful - if I turn-off HA2.03 - that is stop redirection - I am still blocked. Not until I open a new browser am I able to access the webmail account.

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Re: HideAway 2.0 problem

Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:00 pm

That's an interesting one. I don't suppose your TalkTalk account allows you setup extra email addresses at all ? This might be something we'll need to test with inhouse and having a TalkTalk email address to log into would be most useful.

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