Internet Explorer Redirection on HideAway 2.0 Beta

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Internet Explorer Redirection on HideAway 2.0 Beta

Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:21 pm

Using Windows 10, IP4. My physical location is Melbourne, Austrlaia

Hello Nick et al,
I have only just downloaded HideAway v2.0.3 beta and installed it.
The first redirection I attempted was for Internet Explorer. I set the redirection through Los Angeles USA.
Next I went to and was advised that it was
Also on the page it showed a geo-location of :
  • ISP: Choopa, LLC
    City: Nikenbah
    Region: Queensland
    Country: Australia

Yes a redirection but not via the USA according to this website.

Next I asked Google, "who is" and was given the following:
  • IP General Information
    IP Address:
    ISP: Choopa, LLC
    IP Geolocation Information
    Continent: North America (NA)
    Country: United States (US) US
    City: Los Angeles
    Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles
    Latitude: 34.0729 (34°4'22.44" N)
    Longitude: -118.2606 (118°15'38.16" S)

Both internet enquires agree that Choopa LLC is the owner but one says Australia and the other says USA.
Next I asked Google where 34.0729, -118.2606 was and was advised that these geo-coordinated are in the middle of "Echo Lake" in Los Angeles. Strangely, I doubt this. I suspect that Choopa LLC have many servers and they are registered in the USA but deployed elsewhere in the world. This theory would explain why two different web sites give two different results.

Please can you advise where this particular server is actually physically located.

If this server is deployed in Australia, it is not as HideAway advises.

regards and thanks
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Re: Internet Explorer Redirection on HideAway 2.0 Beta

Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:37 pm

Hi SeaCay

The server is actually in Los Angeles (We'll have an Australian server soon with beta 2.1.0), those IP address places are not always correct because they usually have outdated information and can't keep up with re-assignments of IP addresses by companies.

Choopa is a large hosting company and part of their business is which is where this server is.
We had a Singapore server which was listed as being in the UK by those IP companies, but it definitely was in Singapore.

2.1.0 is coming out soon - just having a bit of pain with digital signatures

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