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HideAway 3.0 comments

Mon May 01, 2017 3:25 am

I know that the work on 3.0 is still in progress, but I would like to make a couple of observations, which may influence the direction of the final tidying up.

3.0 is working well here - I have been redircting the whole computer to London, and appart from occasional ghosting on the video quality of UK TV sites. The ghosting appears to be an overlay of digital data - not quite like the ghosting that we were familair with in the days of analogue TV!
At present I am on a connection that gives a relaible 6.5 MB/s - but soon hope to have a fibre circuit which will bring 36GB/s plus into our home.

I will be running HA exclusively on a computer dedicated to reception of UK TV - so I want it to run at startup. This means that the rediction setting/site must be maintained, even when the computer is cold started. Sometime I will not be around, and my wife who is not computer literate needs to be able to watch her favourity programs.
She is just about able to deal with BBC iPlayer, and ITV Hub, but starting HA, and changing the rediction setting will be a step too far.

I hope you can help me!


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