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Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:31 am

Hey guys, I have this unanswered issue in another thread but have not received any replies. I have completely cleaned out all references to Hideaway and rebooted a zillion times but it still does not want to know. You've asked for feedback and it would be nice if this was a two way street. I've been a (paying) customer of Firetrust for night on 20 years and have always received good service from you. If this software works for others (as it did for me for quite a while) then it must be possible to get it going again yes?

Latest message received on yet another attempt to install. Nothing new here though..

I have searched the registry and have come up with this reference. The "Driving Recorder" exe file is software for a digital dash cam which is in use regularly so I don't know whether I can safely delete the Hideaway reference or not. Snapshot below. I am not that au fait with computers that I will mess around with the registry so will take your advice.

Further, I am not receiving any notifications if there are any replies. If you do reply to this post, there's no guarantee I'll be notified so I would appreciate it if you would email be under separate cover. Thanks in advance. Let's get this done!

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I have had the same problem with Hideaway 3.3.0. It just stopped working and re-installation popped up the same
message about the driver.

I fixed the problem for Win 10 Pro and Home using these steps:

1. UnInstall Hideaway using ADD / Remove programs.

2. I searched all C drive (incl system,hidden files) for all instances of "hideaway" (without quotes)
These were mostly found in USER, WINDOWS and PROGRAM (x86) directories.

DELETE all these occurrences.

3. You will find another in Windows\system32\drivers\hideaway.sys
This is difficult to delete, so I renamed it.

4. Shut down Windows.

5. Restart Windows and re-install the Beta 3.3.0 Hideaway file.

6. There is usually some debris left in the registry, but I left this alone.
You could use a registry cleaner found in Ccleaner.

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