Postponed - Downtime to update HideAway servers

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Postponed - Downtime to update HideAway servers

Fri Aug 21, 2020 5:12 pm

Edit [DONE]

Just going to take us about 20 mins to update servers, so HideAway might not be available in some locations for a minute or two while we do each server.

You'll need the latest version 4.12.0, so restart HideAway to get the latest version.

Or download here: ... -setup.exe

DNS is 2x faster so everything should feel faster when using the web etc with HideAway. Fixed BBC iPlayer not working, added server in India (Mumbai), changed Amsterdam server. More background work for next version. MalwareBytes with Web Protection causing HideAway to not redirect (not fixed yet by them - just disable their web protection) (21 August 2020)

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