v7.12.29 inbox issues

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v7.12.29 inbox issues

Fri May 15, 2020 5:06 pm

I'm having a few inbox issues with MWP. Some sites I've put on the bla**list are identified correctly in the status column and were red, but intermittently their colour changes to green. I can change some of them back and forth with the mouse, but the colour usually stays red. Also, my keyboard shortcuts + & - don't work any more. I can type those characters in any other software, so the k/b is OK.

Some senders come up as 'good' or 'friend' as appropriate in the status column, but their line stays blue and I can't change it by marking as friend or the other thing or de-classifying them.

On another issue... My ISP must have congestion issues or some (stupid) policy that prevents us users from always getting the speediest access to our mail boxes and some days, not all, I get "connection reset" messages when checking mail - and I get to HATE the annoying MWP failure sound :lol: . If I check my TPG accounts manually one at a time there is no problem but the others can go as fast as they like, no problemo. Our NBN connection is clean, fast and stable. Is there a way in MWP to set a delay time between checking several email accounts? Apart from the Throttle (which I have set to 1 - that's ONE!) I don't think there is, so could you add a delay feature please?

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