Export "To:"-email addresses to list or separate 'Friendlist"

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Export "To:"-email addresses to list or separate 'Friendlist"

Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:24 pm

When searching for 'extract email addresses from Outlook' one will see a billion hits.
90% of them come up with the same 'solution' which often does not work correctly.
The reason is that - whilst exporting - often the actual email address is not exported,
but rather the name of that person, i.e. 'John Joe' instead of joe1234-at-ispname.com

I've done some researches, but there are no 'default' solutions for this. Maybe by using
non-free add-ons there are, I don't know.

Now, here Mailwasher may come in.
actually all the email address info is available, but MW is focused on the 'from' field, not
on the 'to' field.

It would be nice if all the 'to'-addresses (including those of distribution lists) could be
1. saved within MW
2. exported to an Excel sheet (comma separated), format: name, email-address

As said, I am not aware of tools doing this.
-If the actual email address is the distr.list, Outlook may export that
-If only the name is listed, it will export that (not the email address)


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