M/W Mobile - YYEESS..It all works again - G8 - JIC - Why?

MailWasher Mobile for IOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad), Android devices and Windows Phone 8.
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M/W Mobile - YYEESS..It all works again - G8 - JIC - Why?

Postby Lyric_waxing Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:08 pm

Hello Team,
The joy, working on mobile for client... after a few years of blips.. :bow

I would like to know why - JIC there is something I can do to help kicking the goal..

On my end, I have been changing a number of things and periodically giving the mobile app' a crack on IOS this time...
2 days back, I had asked that my HOSTING service remove the IP blocking (I am on a static ---- IP) which had kicked me off due to a fault in setup, using POP3 (office) and IMAP (mobile) mix on the same account which I needed to resolve - (a workaround trying to substitute for M/W mobile).

The mobile is also good on android.. ATM 2...
I had a suspicion that the Hosting service was blocking the originating IP of M/Washer's providers..

So has anything changed your end?
And what is the originating IP for the mobile server (in the past Google was always kicking somewhere in ?? Orlando?? out - and when using a VPN if M/Washer is still on they get upset too)..
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Re: M/W Mobile - YYEESS..It all works again - G8 - JIC - Why?

Postby nick.bolton Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:52 pm

Hi Rick

We did find one of the services wasn't running correctly so we did fix that, probably a month ago.

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