Outlook 365 - Read mail still shows as unread within MW (Solved)

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Outlook 365 - Read mail still shows as unread within MW (Solved)

Fri Nov 27, 2020 4:30 am

== Matter is solved - ignore the below ==
My mistake and I am very sorry for any confusion caused...
For some reason (long story) - I ENabled :
Settings > Exchange Account > Incoming > 'Download read-emails: Download period 2 days'
which should be 'Off'
Didn't think of it when writing the below.



Just now..

MW 7.12.38
Outlook 365 (Exchange)
Windows 10 x64

When, within Outlook, mail is read they normally would then disappear from within Mailwasher, i.e. only the unread mail will then still show up.

However, this is not the case right now: all read mail (yesterday and today) still show up within MW.

I closed and relaunched both Outlook and MW a few times, situation remains.
Tried send/receive within Outlook a few times. No change.

OTOH, as an experiment I deleted a read mail within Outlook and it will then disappear within the MW list.
(I could restore it of course).

Any suggestions?


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