disable the "input" password for the email account

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disable the "input" password for the email account

Sun Apr 25, 2021 3:06 am

I install the v7.12.54 in a Windows 10 desktop computer. The current log-in user only has the "power user" right for the desktop.
So, I log in the win10 with that power user name and password , then I installed the software with local administrator user name and password.
The installation was successful, and the mailwasherpro automatically detected the local outlook 2013 and copy the existing account username and password. But, the mailwasherpro v7 would not show up in the windows star menu, I think it is because the current login user only has the local "power user" right for local computer. So, I made a shortcut on the desktop for "C:\Program Files (x86)\Firetrust\MailWasher\MailWasherPro.exe".
I ran the shortcut, and it worked fine.

Then, I run your provided program "disable_password.exe" with the local administrator right. the process went well. But, the password for the email account could not be hidden.
Only using the local administrator log in the computer. the password for the email account will be hidden.

Do you have any solution for this , so for the security reason ,the local power user log-in the computer, then he is not able to view the password which is set for the email account.
Louis Chiu

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