Specific actions for domains

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Specific actions for domains

Sun Nov 05, 2023 9:59 am

The suggestions forum is locked... so I thought to through this out here.

I am getting inundated with junk mail from gmail.com and onmicrosoft.com domains.

I cannot find any way to report this to either domain... although I can send the onmicrosoft.com ones to "junk@office365.microsoft.com" <junk@office365.microsoft.com>; "phish@office365.microsoft.com" <phish@office365.microsoft.com>
So I uncheck delete and then manually send these emails, one at a time back to Microsoft.

I would like to see a way to customize actions for all of a single domain... (by that I mean @*.domain.* ) Where I can tell it not to delete them... so they are left in my junk mail folder so I can go back to send them... However...

It would be even better if I could get MailWasher to send junk from specific domains back to the admin. I am getting hundreds of junk from onmicrosoft.com and often from gmail.com. They are supposed to have rules about spamming people. I am almost at the point of just having them all automatically deleted... but occasionally I receive important mail from both domains. They seem to make no effort to stop this.

Of course if the address is spoofed, there should be an easy way to determine this within the header... so they should automatically be highlighted to show this.

Any suggestions?
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